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آموزش طب سوزنی گوش – Master points

در چارت زیر Master points در طب سوزنی از طریق گوش به همراه توضیحات مربوط به هر نقطه را میتوانید ببینید :

Allergy Point

Used for inflammatory responses: allergies, rheumatic arthritis, toxicity, excretion of metabolic waste, anaphylactic shock. This point can be pricked to relieve excess qi, and pinched to help control an allergic reaction


Balances the endocrine hormones to raise or lower glandular secretions; used for hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hypersensitivity, rheumatism, urogenital disorders, climacteric syndrome (the time in a woman’s life when ovaries begin to decline and eventually stop producing eggs); activates the pituitary gland of the brain (master gland of the brain which controls all other endocrine glands); has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. Assists absorption and digestion functions; promotes water metabolism

Master Cerebral

Addresses pre-frontal lobe of brain. Affects decision making and initiates conscious action. Used for nervous anxiety, fear, worry, obsessive-compulsive disorders. Neurasthenia includes lassitude, irritability, lack of concentration, anxiety, and extreme fatigue. This point addresses these symptoms and promotes deep sleep

Master Oscillation

Balances right and left cerebral hemispheres. Needling this point before treatment helps individuals with laterality dysfunction (‘Switched’). Used for dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADD, and unusual/sensitive reaction to medications. When treating electrically, the common frequency for this point is 2.5 Hz

Master Sensorial

Controls the brain: cerebral cortex, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe; reduces any unpleasant or excessive sensation, tactile paresthesia, tinnitus, blurred vision

Point Zero

Brings the whole body to homeostatic balance; balances energy, hormones, and brain activity; supports the actions of other points; controls visceral organs through the peripheral nerve ganglia. Promotes willpower

Shen Men

Tranquilizes the mind, allows a connection to one’s spirit; alleviates stress, pain, convulsions, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, excessive sensitivity; reduces coughs, fevers, inflammatory diseases, epilepsy, high blood pressure. Helps all other auricular points work better. Key point for alleviating pain

Sympathetic Autonomic Pt

Affects sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system balance. Used for pain in the abdominal organs and spasms in the smooth muscles; asthma; affects equilibrium; improves blood circulation by producing vasodilatation; used for phlebitis, Raynaud’s vasculitis, stress-related health disorders; reduces gastric acid secretion

Thalamus Point

Regulates over excitement: anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia; restores tranquility; reduces chronic pain; tonifies the brain and calms the mind; used for drug detoxification; water metabolism; internal organ functions

Tranquilizer Point

Used for general sedation, overall relaxation, anxiety, hypertension, chronic stress

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