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Constitutional Facial Acupuncture

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
1b64_Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
We are redefining the face of aging on a daily basis, with the Baby Boom generation in the vanguard, followed by younger generations who are similarly intrigued by non-invasive natural solutions that are integrative rather than
purely cosmetic. Constitutional Facial Acupuncture has begun to make an impact on popular culture and outmoded perceptions about the nature of
authentic beauty and the aging process. Acupuncturists who practice in this field are increasingly expected to have specialized training and knowledge outside the customary
parameters of the more traditional approaches.
This book introduces a complete Constitutional Facial Acupuncture protocol that is comprehensive, effective and clearly organized,
with illustrative color photographs and facial needling diagrams. Its strong constitutional components are unique, adhere to the
principles of Chinese medicine, and are rooted in the three levels of treatment – Jing, Ying and Wei.
Key Features:
• A new and detailed Constitutional Facial Acupuncture protocol highlights acu-muscle points, Shen imbalances, lines and wrinkles,
needling technique, relevant points and their locations
• A comprehensive constitutional treatment approach
• A customized, modular topical herbal protocol that is enriched with the use of essential oils and natural cleansers, creams, etc.
• Practical step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the needling protocols with the topical herbs, jade rollers, gem eye disks, etc.
• A complete Constitutional Facial Acupuncture needling protocol for 12 problematic areas of the facial landscape, i.e. droopy
eyelids, sagging neck, crow’s feet, sunken cheeks, etc.
• Contraindications, benefits, and personal advice drawn from the author’s 30+ years of experience
• An essential text for students or practitioners of facial acupuncture, and also for those readers who are interested in the field of
“healthy aging
فهرست مطالب کتاب :
Introduction: Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: Changing The Face
Of Aging xvii
Renewal vs. Rejuvenation
Chapter 1 The Mythic Quest for Beauty: From Venus to Kuan Yin 1
Antecedents: Beauty in Ancient Greece and Elsewhere
Philosophers Weigh In . . .
The Emanation of Spirit
The Dictates of Fashion: Personal Taste and Commercial
Beautiful = Young and Thin
Two Archetypes of Timeless Beauty
Venus: Goddess of Love and Passion
Kuan Yin: Beauty Resounds in the Heart
Chapter 2 Bodyscapes 13
The Three Levels of Constitutional Treatment
The Jing Level
The Ying Level
The Wei Level
Chapter 3 The Eight Extraordinary Meridians 23
Master/Couple Points
The Infinity Symbol ∞
Cellular Memory
Cypress Essential Oil (Cupressus sempervivens)
The Meaning of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians
Qi Jing Ba Mai
General Properties
Meridian Functions
General Usage
Contraindications and Cautions
Chong Mai
Yin Wei Mai
Ren Mai
Yin Qiao Mai
Du Mai
Yang Qiao Mai
Dai Mai
Yang Wei Mai
Chapter 4 The Twelve Regular Meridians
The Metal Element: Lung, Hand Taiyin, and Large Intestine,
Hand Yangming Pathways
The Lung Meridian Pathway: Hand Taiyin
The Large Intestine Meridian: Hand Yangming
The Metal Element: Communication
Recommended Constitutional Treatment Protocol
Root Treatment
Japanese Acupuncture Treatments
The Earth Element: Stomach, Foot Yangming, and Spleen,
Foot Taiyin
The Stomach Meridian Pathway: Foot Yangming
The Spleen Meridian Pathway: Foot Taiyin
The Earth Element: Nourishment
Recommended Constitutional Treatment Protocol
Root Treatment
Japanese Acupuncture Treatments
The Fire Element: Heart, Hand Shaoyin and Small Intestine,
Hand Taiyang
The Heart Meridian Pathway: Hand Shaoyin
The Small Intestine Pathway: Hand Taiyang
The Fire Element: Passion
Recommended Constitutional Treatment Protocol
Root Treatment
Japanese Acupuncture Treatments
The Water Element: Bladder, Foot Taiyang, and Kidney,
Foot Shaoyin, Meridian
The Bladder Meridian Pathway: Foot Taiyang
The Kidney Meridian Pathway: Foot Shaoyin
The Water Element: Wisdom
Recommended Constitutional Treatment Protocol
Root Treatment
Japanese Acupuncture Treatments
The Pericardium Meridian Pathway: Hand Jueyin
The Triple Heater Meridian: Hand Shaoyang
The Wood Element
The Gall Bladder Meridian Pathway: Foot Shaoyang
The Liver Meridian Pathway: Foot Jueyin
The Wood Element: Creativity
Recommended Constitutional Treatment Protocol
Root Treatment
Japanese Acupuncture Treatments
Chapter 5 The Twelve Tendinomuscular Meridians 141
Applications for the Tendinomuscular Meridians
Taiyang: Greater Yang Bladder and Small Intestine TMM
The Bladder TMM Pathway
The Small Intestine TMM Pathway
Shaoyang: Lesser Yang Gall Bladder and Triple Heater TMM
The Gall Bladder TMM Pathway
The Triple Heater TMM Pathway
Yangming: Yang Brightness Stomach and Large Intestine TMM
The Stomach TMM Pathway
The Large Intestine TMM Pathway
Taiyin: Greater Yin Spleen and Lung TMM
The Spleen TMM Pathway
The Lung TMM Pathway
Shaoyin: Lesser Yin Kidney and Heart TMM
The Kidney TMM Pathway
The Heart TMM Pathway
Jueyin: Terminal Yin Liver and Pericardium TMM
The Liver TMM Pathway
The Percardium TMM Pathway
Specific Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Wei Treatments
۱٫ ‘Coat Hanger’ Syndrome
۲٫ ‘Wandering Skirt’ Syndrome
۳٫ ‘The Wakefield Point’
Chapter 6 Practical Specifics 165
A Definition of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture:
The ‘Elevator Speech’
Benefits of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
Constitutional Benefits
Facial Benefits
Psychospiritual Benefits
Other supplies
General Rules for Facial Acupuncture
The “Wrinkle Rule”
The Anti-Wrinkle Rule: An Exception
Treatment Protocol for Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
Prior to Treatment
Treatment Summary
Is Facial Acupuncture for Everyone?
How Long is the Treatment?
Treatment Timeline
Maintenance Treatments
The Use of Chinese Herbs
Short and Long-Term Effects of Facial Acupuncture
Chapter 7 Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Protocol 187
The Face: The Most Emotive Part of the Body
Facial Lines Are Not Proof of Aging
“The Shen Leads the Qi”
The Facial Landscape
The Origin and Insertion of Muscles
Muscle Function, Emotions, Associated Wrinkles and Facial
Acupuncture Treatment Protocols
Protocol Treatment Photos
۱٫ The Chin
۲٫ The Grin
۳٫ The Smile
۴٫ The Upper and Lower Lips
۵٫ The Cheeks
۶٫ The Laugh
۷٫ Crow’s Feet
۸٫ Eye Bags
۹٫ Droopy Eyelids/Sagging Eyebrows
۱۰٫ The Frown
۱۱٫ The Forehead
۱۲٫ The Neck
Chapter 8 Special Treatments: Constitutional Psychospiritual Points
The Kidney Spirit Points
Kid-26, Yu Zhong Amidst Elegance
Kid-25, Shen Cang Spirit Storehouse
Kid-24, Ling Xu, Spirit Ruins/Spirit Burial Ground/Spirit
Kid-23, Shen Feng Spirit Seal
Kid-22, Bu Lang On the Veranda
Guidelines for Using the Spirit Points
Treatment of the Three Shen Points with Essential Oils
Essential Oils
Du-24 Shenting Spirit Palace or Spirit Court
GB-13 Benshen Root of Spirit
Sishencong Alert Spirit EX-HN-1
Needling Instruction and Techniques
Needling Instructions and Techniques for Sishencong
Chapter 9 Chinese Topical Herbal Treatments and Essential Oil
Tuning Forks
Topical Chinese Herbs
Step-by-Step Chinese Topical Herbal Protocol
Step 6: Cleansing
A Natural Exfoliating Facial Scrub; Oats “Ooh-la-Laver”
A Natural Goat’s Milk Facial Cleanser, Chevre Lait de Luxe
Step 7: Diagnostics
Step 8: Herbal Poultice and Gem Discs
Green Gel Mask
Green Jade, Jadeite
Orange aventurine
Rose Pink Rhodonite
Chinese Topical Herbal Poultices and Masks
Step 9: Needle the Body
Step 10: Remove Gel Mask and Poultice
Step 11: Jade Rollers
Step 12: Remove Facial Needles
ix Step 13: Mask with Brush
Renewing Facial Mask; Masque Renewal
Step 14: Remove Needles
Step 15: Towel
Step 16: Vitalizing Face Cream and Essential Oils
Vitalizing Face Cream; Crème Vitale ESP
VibRadiance Five Element Planetary Essential Oils
Step 17: Hydrosol Spritz
Tuning Forks
Chapter 10 A Personal Note from the Author 335
A Constitutional Treatment Approach and Philosophy
Other Facial Syndromes
A Definition of Aging
The Patient’s Age
Final Insights
Bibliography 343
Index 347

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